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Scene Study - Friday 7 - 9

 Scene Study is instrumental for actors to get experience being directed. For beginning actor the Scene Study class may also include acting exercises which helps actors develop their technique.

The moment before is the first entrance, the actor must think of the scene before if it is his or her first time entering. If the actor enters in scene one, then he or she must think of what the character's circumstances before the play would be.

These exercises may help with skills such as emotional connection or character development and for the real novice it may be used to teach the vocabulary of acting (for example terms like down stage and subtext.

Acting vocabulary includes objective, tactics, essential action, character, scene, acts, costumes, setting, and literal action.

Scene Study is important because it allows an actor to see if all the techniques and exercise they use in class can be harnessed to create an honest and dynamic performance.

Scene study is also important because the actor needs to focus on the other actor. Reacting is just as important as acting, if the actor fails to react to their scene partner then the believability diminishes.

Scene study gives the actors the opportunity to work together and remember that it is not "all about them."

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